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Dolphin Explorer E10 Pool Cleaner

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If you’re looking for one of the best robotic pool cleaners?, the Dolphin E10 automatic pool cleaner is a great option. This powerful cleaner features advanced scanning and navigation technology, making it efficient and thorough in its cleaning. Get the best price for a Dolphin E10 cleaner in Dubai.

The Maytronics E10 robotic pool cleaner from the Dolphin range has been developed with the latest technology to offer maximum performance and impeccable cleaning results.

Manufactured for those pools with smaller dimensions, up to 8 meters in length. Usually, in the pool cleaner market, there has always been a greater variety of robots for large inground pools. Thanks to Maytronics, you will no longer have to resort to manual cleaning for your smaller pool. The Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner guarantees cleanliness and a healthier bath.

The pool cleaner has been manufactured with a light and compact design to transport it easily. Remember that although your technology allows it to function underwater, it must be protected and covered in disuse. Therefore, its ergonomic structure will make it easy to carry it from one place to another.

Forget the arduous task of cleaning your pool and focus on enjoying the pleasant baths it provides. The Dolphin e10 above-ground robotic pool cleaner will clean your pool autonomously, employing a cable connecting it to the electrical network.


Ideal pool lengthUp to 8 m Ideal for above ground pools
Cleaning coverageFloor Only
BrushingBrush + Active Scrubber
Cleaning cycle time1.5 hours
FiltrationEasy-clean net canister
Robot weight6.3 kg
Cable length12 m
Navigation and maneuverabilityCleverClean™ coverage
Mobile appNot included
CaddyNot included

Advantages of using the Dolphin e10 pool cleaner

Easy maintenance

The pool cleaner has a filter inside its large-capacity structure to house as much debris as possible. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of its cleaning power and debris retention, it is essential to frequently empty the accumulated dirt in the filter. Filter bags clogged by accumulated impurities reduce the cleaning capacity of the robot. Cleaning the filter is very simple. You must extract it from the robot’s top and empty its content. Once every two months, it is advisable to wash such a bag in the washing machine.

Deep cleaning

It incorporates several elements that guarantee its effectiveness when cleaning the bottom of the pool. Its caterpillar traction wheels allow it to advance appropriately by adhering to any surface. Its filter basket boasts a large storage capacity, and its active front brush optimizes the cleaning process by allowing any dirt to be removed. Also, an added attraction is its scanning and navigation software that detects the most efficient cleaning path for maximum coverage. You might be interested in our Dolphin E50 Pool Cleaner.

automatic model

The robot has a cable and a power supply that must be connected to an electrical outlet. The cleaner advances automatically, creating the optimal route to clean the bottom of your pool. He must tie the cable of the robot to the power supply. The fountain must never come into contact with water. Once the robot is submerged inside the pool, you must activate its operation and let it do its job. Check out best selling Dolphin E70 robotic pool cleaner.