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Dolphin Pro x2 Pool Cleaner

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Are you looking to buy Dolphin Pro X2 Robotic Pool Cleaner in Dubai  Maytronics‘ line of robotic pool cleaners, Dolphin, is one of the most top-rated pool cleaning equipments to date. Based on numerous reviews on the internet, they are highly durable, efficient, cost-effective, and convenient. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners take the hassle out of pool cleaning, so that you’ll have more time with your family and friends to enjoy it.

One of the excellent models on Dolphin’s line of commercial pool cleaners is the Dynamic PRO X2. Designed to thoroughly clean large pools up to 25 meters in length, this equipment promises to provide loads of helpful benefits once you start on using it.

dolphin pro x2 technical specification:-

Ideal pool lengthUp to 25 m
Cleaning coverageFloor, Walls & Waterline
BrushingDual Brushing
Cleaning cycle time4 / 6 / 8 hours
FiltrationDual-level filtration for fine and rough dirt
Robot weight11.5 kg
Cable length30 m. Tangle-free cable
Navigation and maneuverabilityCleverClean™ coverage, Dual-drive combined motor and Gyroscope
Remote controlIncluded for manual drive and with a choice of cleaning programs, operation delay and manual navigation


Built with an extra robust construction, the Dolphin Dynamic PRO X2 pool cleaner makes an ideal device for frequent cleaning of commercial pools. Geared with adjustable wonder brushes, this pool cleaner efficiently cleans the entire pool area including the pool floor, waterline, as well as the walls. As it brushes and scrubs, the equipment uses a gyroscopically tracking software, which accurately scans and programs itself according to your pool’s cleaning needs. But aside from brushing and scrubbing the entire pool surface, it also vacuums and filters the water by using an ultra fine porosity filter bag that completely gathers dirt, debris and even the finest dust particles. Check out our Dolphin robotic pool cleaners range.

For easier manipulation, the unit comes with a wireless remote control that lets you choose among the various options on cycle time, climbing frequency, pool length, and cleaning functions that include regular, ultra clean, and waterline. As it cleans, it evenly distributes the chemicals around the entire pool area, which reduces your expenses on chemicals and promotes a healthier environment.

Like other Dolphin pool cleaner models, the Dolphin Dynamic PRO X2 pool cleaner also has a low voltage dual motor. This motor type allows better maneuverability and tends to consume less electricity, even if the equipment has a heavy duty capacity. Once you use the equipment, you have the freedom to choose among its three cycle time: 4, 6, or 8 hours. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the motor will automatically shut off so that there won’t be unnecessary waste of energy. Other features of the Dynamic PRO X2’s motor are the protection mechanism, which notifies the user when it is over loaded or out of water and obstacle escape, which ensures superior performance even if there are obstructions around.


As mentioned above, the Dynamic PRO X2’s cycle time can be set into 4, 6, or 8 hours. The units motor only requires 24 VDC, which allows you to save on energy. The equipment’s cable reaches up to 30 meters in length, which are beneficial for longer pools.

The cable and clogged filter bag are both patented, which guarantees that they are long-lasting and of high quality. Get all of these along with a 24-month warranty from the company.


There you have all the valuable information about the Dolphin Dynamic PRO X2 pool cleaner. Make sure to purchase one today from your favorite local or online stores, for you to have more time for other important things, instead of wasting it on worrying about your pool’s cleanliness.