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Dolphin Explorer E30 Pool Cleaner

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If you’re in the market for a robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin E30 automatic pool cleaner is worth considering. This highly-rated cleaner from Maytronics is excellent for pools up to 50 feet long and features advanced filtration capabilities that will leave your water sparkling clean. Get the best price for Dolphin E20 cleaner in Dubai.

It’s also super easy to use – put it in your pool and let it do its thing! Best of all, the Dolphin E30 pool cleaner is very affordable, making it an excellent option for budget-minded buyers. So if you’re looking for a top-quality robotic pool cleaner that won’t break the bank, the Dolphin E30 is worth checking out.

Do you want a clean pool but only sometimes clean it yourself? Then the Dolphin E30 will undoubtedly come in handy for you. This model is the next big brother of the Maytronics Dolphin E20 and, therefore, already for medium-sized pools. Lavatory designed. But what should you consider before buying this one?

Regarding dolphin robotic pool cleaner? What are the specifications of this pool-cleaning robot? And for what sizes and shapes of pools are this model suitable? We will go into these and other points in the following paragraphs to give a good overview.

dolphin E30 technical specification:-S

Weekly TimerYes
Automation ModeYes
Delay FeatureNo
Robot Weight18.412 lb
Package Dimensions22.244×17.598×13.189 inch
Cable Length60 ft
Gross Weight27.56 lb
Filter AccessTop Access
Cleaning CoverageFloor, Walls and Waterline
Full Bag IndicatorNo
Waterline ScrubbingYes
Enhanced Cleaning CyclesNo
Default Cycle Time2
Active BrushYes
Number of Brushes2
Anti Tangling SwivelYes
Suction Rate4000 gph
Maximum Pool Size40 ft
Pool ClassificationIn Ground
Pool ShapeRectangular, Round, Free Shape, Kidney
Remote ControlNo
PS Output Max Current A4
PS Input Frequency HZ50/60
PS Input Max Current A2

At first, what is a pool cleaning robot?

To understand how the Dolphin explorer e30 robotic pool cleaner works, let’s first explain what a pool robot is. You can think of the pool cleaning robot as a Robotic Lawn Mower or a robot vacuum. Only the pool cleaning robot works underwater. And some models can even work in three dimensions. This happens automatically, so you hardly have to worry about cleaning the pool. The control device adapts to your collection and allows the robot to clean dirty passages. No harsh chemicals are used for cleaning because everything goes through an internal filtering system.

First, set up the Dolphin E30?

One can answer this question quickly because it can be erased. The Dolphin E30 programs itself, so it configures itself automatically. You have to be in, or. Instead of the control module, plug it into the power supply, and the fun can begin. You put the robot in the water, where it descends and starts cleaning. So the only thing to consider when setting up is where you get the electricity for the pool cleaning robot. You should pay attention to this that electricity is not a toy if you have it with, for example, a Garden cable reel relate.

The pool robot filter system!

You are lucky because the Maytronics Dolphin E30 already has an integrated filtering system. Then you don’t need an external filter system, which would have to be connected to the pool robot with a hose. However, you can easily pull the filter out of the robot. With this model, that is not a problem at all. Because the filter must be cleaned at regular intervals. The distances depend very clearly on the size of your pool and the speed with which it becomes contaminated. Once you have removed the collection container from the Dolphin pool cleaner E30, you must rinse it with water because the dirt inside is usually not encrusted. But pay attention here to generate only a moderate jet, after all, and the filter should not break.

Dolphin E30 performance

The Dolphin driveway converts well. So the Dolphin Maytronics E30 creates a maximum suction capacity of 15 m³ per hour. So you can clean your pool well. The robot manages all of this in a 2-hour cleaning cycle. However, this cleaning robot is not designed for all sizes of collections. In the next paragraph, we will discuss the pool size that this robot creates. We also look at the shapes of the pool.

The pool robot cleaning area.

The pool size is not negligible, which this pool robot creates. With an altitude of up to 12 meters, this model thoroughly cleans many pools. The pool should be less significant, too. After all, the robot should reach every corner and clean it. With a maximum power cord length of 18 Meters, it would no longer be able to cover all areas of the pool if this were larger. Well, you might think so: “Then I just move the control module to the other side.” But as we already said, the control module is the device which calculates the pool and thus gives the signals to the robot, where it should still work and where it should not.

What shape of pool does the robot create?

The pool cleaning robot is limited in the size of the pool but significantly less so in the shape of the pelvis. Most bodies can be covered with the Dolphin E30. And so, the pool robot manages to clean the following pool shapes:

  • Free form
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Around

This makes the pool robot a real all-rounder and will clean your pool as well as possible. But what slopes are created at the bottom of the pool? After all, some robotic pool cleaners can only clean on level ground! The Dolphin E30 Maytronics can do much more. This model can clean not only level ground but also slightly inclined floors. Also, the E30 can remove dirt from most surfaces, including, for example:

  • slabs
  • envelope
  • Polyester
  • reinforced PVC
  • GFK
  • Concrete

The impulsion and the exit of water

The Dolphin E30 comes with two strong track drives. Not only does it look good optically, but it also serves for traction, which the robot needs to move on the ground. But not only are the caterpillars used for locomotion, but the upward ejection of water also helps the robot to grip the ground and thus move better. As a result, it is pressed into the ground to collect dirt optimally, which does not swirl up due to the upward discharge of water.

How is dirt absorbed?

The pool robot collects dirt through a shark’s mouth at the bottom. The water is sucked in here and, as I said, expelled upwards. Participate 2 The PVC rollers remove most of the dirt adhered to the floor and then take it to the mouth, where it is sucked. All of this is trapped in the filter you turn to, as mentioned above, and needs to be rinsed at regular intervals.