Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner Spec’s & Review

Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner Spec's & Review

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet effective pool cleaner, the Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner is worth considering. This pool cleaner is easy to use and has a quick recovery time, which makes it ideal for busy families or small businesses. Plus, its intuitive controls make it simple to operate even for first-time users. Bottom line: if you’re looking for an affordable option that will get your pool clean quickly and easily, the Intex automatic pool cleaner ZX300 is a great choice.

Some time ago, I was at a colleague’s, and we did a day at the pool with our children, as we used to do when we were young, to relax and rest while we drank some soft drinks.

Observing that his pool was super clean and in perfect condition, I told him how little I liked the cleaning service that took care of mine, and I asked him which one he used to clean his, and that’s when he told me that he had a Pool cleaner robot. He said that since she had it, she hardly used a separate service and that the afternoon before I went, she had put the robot to work, which is why her pool was so impeccable.

Considering that summer was almost here, I remembered that afternoon at the pool and with my family. It could be an excellent decision to acquire one of those robots.

This is how we decided on the Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner, considering that being a hydraulic pool cleaner, it was cheaper, and as the first robot to test what it was about, we decided it was the most appropriate.

On the other hand, more is optional with small pools like ours.

We looked for cleaner on Amazon, and the truth is that it has taken a problem off our minds. We are fascinated.

About Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner

As I have already mentioned, we bought the product through the Amazon store. For the first time, we bought something online with the robot, and indeed Amazon has worked phenomenally for us. We are delighted.

The robot arrived only a few days after purchasing it. It came in perfect condition in its box, with a few accessories.

Why buy the Intex ZX300 pool vacuum? Pros and cons

It is an excellent Inte ZX300 pool vacuum cleaner, very functional and leaves our pool crystal clear. We use it a lot, so it was worth the investment. It was an excellent decision! It’s great because it does a perfect job and removes every last dirt particle.

At first, one does not imagine it will clean so well, but in the end, it surprises you and leaves you very satisfied. For this reason, we have grouped the positive and negative factors of the device to present them in greater depth.

✅ Advantages of the Intex 28005e ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner

Another feature I like is that the Intex 28005e zx300 deluxe automatic pool cleaner works in any pool, whether above ground or underground, regardless of the coating, be it fibreglass, liner, tile, or pebble, among others.

This point is incredible because the use is growing, and the robot is much more versatile. It is precisely this that allows you to use it in various pools.

Another feature that I like is the speed of cleaning. The cleaning cycle lasts 3 hours, so by organizing my schedule, I can clean it the same day I plan to go in, and there will be no problem.

  • Suitable for different types of pools.
  • 3-hour work cycle.
  • Advanced brushing system.
  • Good filter system.
  • Connection to the electrical network.
  • Good value for money.

Also, it has a quick water release system, so your participation is very little, and the device makes your work much more manageable.

The brush system is the secret to the pool cleaner’s fantastic cleaning, and they carry out an exceptional cleaning.

It uses two brushes, which perform a deep cleaning and can remove every last particle of dust from the pool, even the most difficult to remove.

Regarding its filtration system, this model uses interchangeable fine and ultra-fine filters, which collect all dirt beyond their size.

Using these filters, no dirt escapes the robot. It is excellent to see how much garbage is retained in the filters. The pool is super immaculate.

The plus point of pool cleaners that use wired power is that they clean indefinitely. They do not need interruptions to charge the battery, as with wireless. That is, everything is much faster.

The cost of the pool cleaner is reasonable, which contributes a lot to choosing to buy it.

Not being a costly device, it is a quality pool cleaner that, although it may not be essential, in some cases, is affordable. The expense becomes an investment, and it is highly recommended when you see how brutal it is and the quality of its construction.

❌ Disadvantages of the Intex 28005e ZX300 Deluxe

It differs from other more technological and modern models of Intex 28005e ZX300 Deluxe, and this equipment does not have a mobile application for its management.

This criterion should be better, not only because of the technical possibilities that an app offers you but also because of the practicality and comfort that being able to use it through a device that is easy to use implies.

The length capacity of the pool is less comprehensive than it is with other models. It only cleans pools up to 9 meters long, which makes it work in a smaller number of collections and also does not reach every corner to be cleaned, as is the case with my pool, which is a little larger, and the Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner does not come to clean it thoroughly.

Sometimes you can buy an extension cable that extends a couple of meters of cleaning the pool cleaner; however, it would be convenient if it already comes from the factory with the extended thread without spending more.

One disadvantage is that the coverage of this robot needs to be completed. It is only in charge of cleaning the bottom and walls, which, although it is very positive and necessary, does not go over the pool completely, and they are sectors that also get very dirty and that other robots do include in their journey, cleaning deeper.

  • Does not have Wi-Fi.
  • Suitable for small pools.
  • You can clean the background and walls.
  • Without a transport cart.
  • You need to connect to the pool filter.
  • Improvable cable length.

Finally, although not very important, this robot does not have a car, which, although it does not make much difference, is sometimes convenient for transport.

Sometimes, it can be complex or even cumbersome for some to move the Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner and leave it in the pool, so having a cart would be great.

In this situation, although the fact that it is with a hydraulic system makes it more economical, it is also true that, by depending on the pool’s filtration system, it means that the cleaner is not completely self-sufficient and that it is only helpful for collections of relatively small dimensions.

In my case, I have a small-sized pool, the hydraulic one works, but I understand that it can be the trigger to acquire it in many other cases, in addition to the fact that often using the pool filter, the water is wasted.

The length of the Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner cable is somewhat short, which I am convinced could be improved because it becomes complicated when cleaning the entire pool, especially when they are significant.

The longer the cable, the more range the robot has and the less chance of getting tangled up, so it’s a fundamental aspect to consider.

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