Intex ZX50 Automatic Pool Cleaner Spec’s & Review

Intex ZX50 Automatic Pool Cleaner Spec's & Review

Are you looking for the best pool cleaner? If so, Intex ZX50 Automatic Pool Cleaner may be a great option for you. This cleaner is equipped with an advanced filter system and powerful motors that will help to get your pool clean in no time. Plus, its sleek design will add style to your patio or backyard. So if you’re in the market for a pool cleaner that can handle any job, look no further than Intex ZX50.

Some time ago, I went to an old high school classmate’s, and we enjoyed a day at the pool with our children, as we always liked, and had a good time after work.

Observing that his swimming pool was ultra impeccable and in excellent condition, I told him how little I was satisfied with the cleaning service that he took care of mine, and I asked him which one he used to clean his, and that’s when he told me that he had bought a Pool cleaner robot. He said that since he had it, he hardly used a separate service and that the day before I went, he had put the device to work, which is why his pool was so spotless.

Since it was almost time for the hot days, I remembered that day in the pool, and with my family, we thought it might be a good idea to have one of those robots.

This is how we decided on the Intex ZX50 because, being a hydraulic cleaner, it was cheaper, and our first robot, we thought it was the best option.

Besides, our pool is a little small, so a device of this type would work great for us.

We looked for cleaner on Amazon, and the truth is that it has taken a problem off our minds. We are happy.

About Intex ZX50 Automatic Pool Cleaner

As usual, we buy the pool cleaner from the Amazon store. With the robot, we bought something online for the first time, and the truth is that Amazon has worked fantastically for us. We are pleased.

The package arrived home super punctually. It was sent to us in excellent condition in its box, with a few accessories.

Why buy the Intex ZX50 pool cleaner? Pros and cons

It is a convenient device and leaves our pool super clean. We use it mallet, so it makes a difference. It was a perfect decision! It’s fantastic because it does a great job and removes every last dirt particle.

At first, one does not imagine that a machine can do a person’s job well, but in this case, the objective is achieved, and every corner of the pool is impeccable. For this reason, we have made a list of the solid and weak factors of the robot to share them in greater detail.

✅ Advantages of the Intex ZX50

One factor I love is that the Intex ZX50 Automatic Pool Cleaner works in all kinds of pools, whether above-ground or in-ground, regardless of the material, be it fibreglass, liner, tile, pebble, or others.

This aspect is excellent as usage grows and the robot becomes much more helpful. In fact, because of this, I have been able to lend the robot to a friend to clean his pool.

  • Suitable for different types of pools.
  • 4-hour work cycle.
  • Good filter capacity.
  • No battery is needed.
  • Accessible price.

Another factor that I love is the length of the cleaning cycle. It takes to finish is 4 hours, so by organizing my schedule, I can clean it the same day I plan to use it, and there won’t be any problem.

It even has a quick water release system, so your participation is almost zero, and the robot makes your job much easier.

Regarding its filtering system, this specific robot works with interchangeable fine and ultra-fine filters, which collect all kinds of waste regardless of size.

Thanks to the filtration system, no dirt escapes the robot. When it’s over, it’s great to see how much ground is retained. The pool is super clean.

The positive point of pool cleaners that work with energy transmitted by cable to work is that they can clean indefinitely. They do not need interruptions to reload, as is the case with wireless, so everything is much more comfortable.

I don’t consider it to be an expensive cleaner.

Not being an overly expensive robot, it is undoubtedly a quality device that, although it may seem not essential, in some cases, being relatively cheap, what is paid becomes an investment, and seeing how brutal it is and the quality of its manufacture, It ends up being very greedy.

❌ Disadvantages of the Intex ZX50

It differs from other more technological and modern models, and this equipment does not have a mobile application.

This criterion should be applied not only because of the possibilities it offers you in terms of configuration and use but also because of the ease and convenience of being able to control it through a device that is easy to use.

The length capacity of the pool only covers a little, as in other models. It is only capable of cleaning pools up to 5 meters long, which reduces the number of collections it can clean and can also leave dirty spots, as is the case with my pool, which is a little larger, and the robot doesn’t get to work on it ultimately.

  • It does not have a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Suitable only for pools up to 5 meters.
  • Takes care of background cleaning.
  • Does not include a car.
  • You need to connect to the pool filter.
  • Cleaning system with a brush.
  • Improvable cable length.

Sometimes it happens that you can buy a type of extension cable that increases the pool cleaner’s number of meters of cleaning capacity; however, it would be convenient if it already comes from the factory with the extended cable, without it being necessary to spend more.

Something that is not positive is that the coverage of this robot needs to be completed. It is only in charge of deep cleaning, which, although excellent and essential, does not include other areas of the pool, and they are spaces that also get very dirty and that other robots do have in their journey, cleaning much fuller and more profound.

Although not relevant, this robot does not include a cart, which, although not that important, is sometimes convenient for transportation.

It can be complicated or even cumbersome for some people to move the robot and leave it in the pool since having a cart would be a plus.

On the other hand, although the fact that it is with a hydraulic system makes it more economical, it is also true that, depending on the pool’s filtration system, the cleaner is not entirely independent and is only suitable for swimming pools. Smaller in size.

In my case, I have a small pool, the hydraulic one works, but I know that this can impede acquiring it in many other cases, in addition to the fact that sometimes using the pool filter wastes a lot of water.

The robot comes with a single cleaning brush. This isn’t bad because it works, but some kits come with two or even three meetings, resulting in a noticeable clean to the naked eye.

The length of the robot’s cable is abridged, which I think could be improved since it is difficult to clean the pool freely, significantly larger ones.

The longer the cable is, the better it will be because it will cover much more space, and the thread will not get tangled.

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